Business Updates

Hi everybody (…anybody)

Just a few quick notes from the front lines – so you know I’m still alive.

2666 is a monster of a novel and I’m slogging through it right now.  I thought I’d have gotten more done in London but… well… too much to do!  After that’s done, we’ll get back on a faster track, including a few more plays and some philosophy and the fifteen or so books I now have on my shelf (thanks, Watersones!)

We’ll also be instituting a ratings scale.  Maybe a five-star scale until I come up with something cooler?

In the meantime, if you’re looking for a fun and nerdy March Madness… I point you in the direction of the Tournament of Books over at The Morning News.  The Rooster is on, folks – and its already shaping up interestingly.

Go.  Every Day.  Love it.

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