What The Future Holds…

Well, for those of you keeping count, we’re rapidly approaching the end of the Cannonball Read II.  I’ve got about 150 pages left in The Magicians, which will be the 52nd book of the ‘year’ (nov. 1 to oct. 31) for yours truly.  52 books – that’s a lot, am I right?

Luckily, my post-Cannonball Read blues will be avoided: I already know what I’m reading next!  Well, actually, for those tied to my Goodreads account (to-read shelf HERE), I obviously have plenty to read – my to-read shelf has been well-stocked since Easter Break and doesn’t show any signs of depleting (as I keep re-stocking it… a nice feeling).  However, The Biblioracle over at The Morning News has provided me with another recommendation: Geek Love, by Katherine Dunn.  I’m picking it up at Borders this afternoon after work.

We’ll keep on keeping on with the other various book club type things I’m involved in – Read Hard! over on tumblr, D&L – the private bookclub that kind of exists in that we read the same books, and anything else that comes along (Salon just started one – they’re reading that Justin Cronin book that I just don’t have time to jump into right now, but I may get on that bandwagon at a later date).

In the meantime, happy reading!

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