Dark Harvest

dark harvestNow THIS is a Hallows Read (thanks Neil Gaiman!)

Fast, furious, a little scary, a lot of spooky, and a general sense of AUTUMN.  This book was just fun fun fun – and the speed with which I dispatched it only reaffirmed that fun.  Seriously, I polished this sucker off in the space of two hours.

The plot?  Pretty simple and totally predictable.  Seriously, if you don’t figure it out about fifteen pages into the book, then… well, I don’t want to be rude.  But it’s pretty obvious where the book is going.  The pleasure is in the ride!

The characters?  The definition of stock.  I don’t think I had a vivid picture of the main girl and guy other than sort of being vaguely generic.  The evil cop has a bit more definition to him… but even then, he’s still stock.

The moral?  There isn’t one.  Fuck it, folks – this is pure escapism.

Rating: 4 out of 5.  A pure adrenalin hit, perfect for Halloween morning.  Do yourself a favor and pick this up on the cheap and put it on your shelf for next Halloween.  The minute you wake up – as you feel the spirits starting to stir in the air – dive in.  Finish it before you go out for the night and feel happy for having had a great thrill ride to get you in the mood for a little trick ‘r treating – or spooking and scaring!

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