The Break of Noon

break of noonNeil.  Neil Neil Neil Neil Neil….

I hate to say it, I’m disappointed. This is the first LaBute play where I’ve truly found… well, nothing really redeeming.

It feels half-baked.  The dialogue, the plot, all of it just lacks something.  LaBute seems truly, for the first time, to just be trying to push people’s buttons instead of creating a play that happens to have that effect.  Except anyone with half a brain should be able to see through this attempt.

The general plot is that a guy survives an office shooting “thanks to God” and he begins to try to change his lifestyle and convince people to follow God.  Everyone rather laughs at him or hates at him.  And he’s just trying to be a good guy!  Or something.

It’s pathetic really.  LaBute is one who doesn’t (as far as I can tell/as far as I’ve read) have any faith and as a result, the whole thing rings hollow.  There’s a lack of substance here and it is infuriating to the last.

Even the “twist” (so typical of LaBute’s plays) just feels… ridiculous.  Because I so loathed the main character that I didn’t give a shit what he was saying or how he felt.  Maybe that’s the point?  But I sure hope not.  LaBute is better than that.

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.  LaBute is better than this.  There are a few glimmers of hope – and a strange scene that echoes the recent play Trust, actually – and that’s all that saves this from a lesser rating.  However, I was floored at how ridiculous this play was.  It’s almost enough to make me side with the LaBute haters.

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