General Update from the Goodreads Book Club Launch!

Tonight was the launch of the Goodreads Book Club.  My ears are ringing, my book is signed, and I’ve found a new place to go chill out and be surrounded by books.  I couldn’t let the moment go unremarked-upon… so, for anyone who is interested, a few thoughts and such.

Firstly, the launch book is A Visit From The Goon Squad.  One of my top ten favorite books of all time, I think  – got a rare ‘6’ rating here on the ol’ RB – and the book that made me realize that New York was where I needed to be.  So, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to attend this event and hear Ms. Egan read from her book and listen to some good fresh punk and generally be surrounded by people who like some of the same things that I do.

Bullet Thoughts:

  • Jennifer Egan is the nicest and most down-to-Earth Pulitzer Prize winner I’ve ever met.  Scratch that, maybe just one of the nicest and most down-to-Earth people, period.
  • She also has a wonderful speaking voice.
  • She also also has a beautiful signature.  Yes, she signed my copy of Goon Squad.
  • Care Bears On Fire = awesome.  A) I wish I was that cool when I was in grade school, B) I wish I knew girls who were that cool in grade school, C) there’s nothing like seeing young kids who love what they’re doing rock the fuck out.  Look them up and enjoy – it’s fun punk, the sort of nasty groovy fun you want to have on a summer night.
  • Definitely enjoyed the mass of people who left after Egan finished reading – rude of them to leave in the midst of a CBoF song and not wait for a break, but also hilarious because they were all mostly older and/or square-looking types who were NOT happy about some girls kicking out some loud punk in their faces.
  • Housing Works Bookstore is not only a great place with some neat titles on the shelves/a relaxing atmosphere, they’re supporting an amazing cause (since 1991, helping homeless AIDS/HIV patients) and doing it in a fun way (books, food, live music).
  • Goodreads knows how to throw a party.  First drink on them, nametags that say “HELLO I’m currently reading ______”, guitar picks specialized for the event with Goodreads & Goon Squad, a great setup and pitch-perfect artist selection… I hope they have more events like this in New York, because I’ll definitely be there for any and all of them.
Check it out over at, especially if you’ve yet to read the fantastic Goon Squad – or even if you already have.  It’s fun to know you’re sharing a book with other people, even if they’re thousands of miles away.

What Did YOU Think?

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