Two Challenges – and an invitation

Hello, folks!  A proper Happy New Year to all of you – a bit belated, I admit.

Anyway, for those of you who are literary prognosticators, you’ll know that yesterday was a big day: The Morning News dropped the 2012 Tournament of Books bracket.  I’m proud to say that I accurately predicted half of the bracket this year, which is personally very exciting – but even more exciting, I’m pretty sure I want to read at least 12 of this year’s titles.  Already got 4 out of the way, so no sweat… right?

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.  I shall read no fewer than 12 of this year’s Tournament of Books books by the end of 2012.  Most likely to not be read: The Cat’s Table, Salvage the Bones, The Devil All the Time, The Stranger’s Child, The Last Brother.  Yes I know that’s five – I’m betting against myself a little bit.  But so long as I read more than 8, I will have done better than last year.  (Interestingly, I’ve yet to read anything off the ’07 list.  Fun fact.)

Also, for those of you following me on Goodreads, you’ll see that I’ve started on my other year-long project: Dickens 2012.  It’s Charles Dickens’ two-hundredth birthday this year and I got a sexy-as-hell set of “The Great Works” (Penguin Classics, covered by the amazing Coralie Bickford-Smith) for Christmas – so it’s on.  First up: A Tale of Two Cities.  Last up: A Christmas Carol in Dec 2012.  Other books to be included: Bleak House, Great Expectations, Hard Times, and Oliver TwistCHALLENGE ALSO ACCEPTED.

So anyway, a little bit of literary goal-setting to truly kick off the year.  How about you – any literary goals you’re setting yourself?

oh and I suppose I ought to mention:

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