The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories 2010

The Short Version: hitRECord’s first book of tiny stories, from way back in the early days of the site!

The Review: So faithful readers will know that I was so in love with Volume 1 of the Tiny Stories collections.  I wasn’t, however, at the time aware that there was an earlier collection.  And I’m not entirely sure why it’s a little more… hidden, shall we say.  I was lucky enough to get a copy from a friend recently and it’s interesting to see the development of the series in just two collections.

The most noticeable thing about the 2010 collection – and I say this fully acknowledging that it’s all just crowdsourced stories, selected from the hitRECord family, in both cases – is that the stories are of a slightly rougher caliber.  They’re all a little sadder, too.  I’m not quite sure why – or if I’m just projecting or something – but I felt it.  There was something a little more lonely about this collection.

It’s a little more grown-up, too.  This, I should be clear, is not passed in judgement at all but simply a neutral observation.  Some of my favorite stories from Volume 1 were the slightly risque / grown-up stories (“Let’s can’t sleep together”, the one with the doctor’s wife, etc) – but this collection has stories that seem to address more Grown Up things.  There’s a story about a girl walking home from a night out that comes to mind.  It felt so much more aged than anything in Volume 1, which had a sense of whimsy and magic to it even when it veered old or sad.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.  The seeds of amazingness are here – more than seeds, really.  It’s incredible to see the fantastic work that individuals can create with no reason other than a desire to, well, create.  It’s reminded me that Volume 2 is imminent and I’m looking forward to the continuing-to-develop work from the people-like-me at hitRECORD.  But this collection is also a bit too rough to be as perfect as its predecessor.  That’s the story of development, though, isn’t it?  We have to try things and work out the kinks before they’re truly ready.  And if all of our working-out-of-kinks looked like this, it’d be a pretty artistically wonderful world!

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