The Originals Series: Warren Ellis & Geoff Manaugh

ellis fsg

ANOTHER Originals Series party, only a week after the last one?! AMAZING!

Last night, FSG shook up the format of the Originals Series parties – instead of an author and musician in convo, we had two FSG authors coming together to chat about the quirky things they adore.  Namely, robbery, burglary (there’s a difference), murder, assassination, and technology.  I mean, what could be cooler?

Warren Ellis, he of the epic beard and even more epic wit, was fresh off a flight from England – he had, by his own account, been awake since 12am EST but was still gamely drinking and smoking and chatting away when I left the party.  He stopped to chat with every single person who asked him and was incredibly gracious.  He also mentioned that people usually kill other people because they annoy them – so, you know, keep that in mind.
Geoff Manaugh, whose upcoming FSG book about burglary and architecture sounds amazing, was no less gracious with his time and the two of them had a ball swapping stories about the most incredible murders and thefts they could think of.  Behind them (and sometimes on top of them), a slideshow looped with shots of – you guessed it – robberies and assassinations and the like.

Warren’s opening story, about a Kenyan farmer named Mogo who killed twelve people with a spear because he’d been accused of “being a fucking wizard”, set the lighthearted tone – and Manaugh’s spirited recounting of an unsolved robbery in LA landed similarly.  These are big topics, dangerous ones you might even say, and the tone might’ve turned off the casual listener until you realized that these two gents are grappling with massively important topics in the world today with very serious, considered intent.  They’re not just having fun with these concepts, they’re trying to grapple with them in the ways that they know best: writing with a dash of acerbic wit.

The audience – a slightly different (a little older, a little more considered) crowd from that drawn in by Flavorpill-hosted events – felt like a part of the thing all night, shouting out questions that the gents were only too happy to answer.  It all felt a little more clubby, perhaps, that a usual event – in the sense that we were all a part of the secret club, gathered together to learn about the truth behind the term “assassin” (spoilers: that episode of The West Wing was factually incorrect.  You know the one I’m talking about.) and how one might be nicked for burglary even though they hadn’t actually done any thieving and vice versa.

As they wrapped things up, as I said, both gents were happy to wander around and chat with anyone who wished – Warren was even signing things for people.  It was a convivial end to a terrific evening – another top-notch party by those fine folks at FSG Originals.

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