The Geek’s Guide to Dating – READALONG Pt. 5

geeksWhen Lori and Drew both ended up with copies of The Geek’s Guide to Dating, a brilliantly insane idea struck.  While they both love books and are self-professed geeks, their lives are otherwise almost diametrically opposed:  Boy vs girl – check. Young twenty-something vs late thirty-something – check. Recently single vs long time couple – check. No kids vs kids – check.  
And so a read-along was proposed, with a running email conversation, as they delved into one man’s guide to love in the time of geek.

If you haven’t yet, check out Part 1Part 2Part 3, and Part 4 first! 

For the read-a-long review finale, Chapters 6 & 7 – beyond Thunderdome into serious dating, the means of connection these days, and some serious emotional reflection on what it takes to fall in / stay in / fall out of love…
… TNBBC!  Seriously, go, quickly, and read:

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