Raging Biblioholism – Five Years Gone

Hello, faithful readers.  Or new readers – hello to you as well!

I’m taking a moment out of our regularly scheduled programming to just mark an occasion: this blog’s fifth birthday.  Five years is a pretty long time and when I look at how far things have come, it’s rather incredible.  For one thing, when I started all this, I was lucky if ten people looked at the blog in a month.  Now, over a hundred people read something here every day.  My mind is simply blown and I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet and talk to some amazing people, too.  New friends, new authors, new-friends-who-are-authors, and even a couple moments that have truly blown my mind – like getting called out in the Tournament of Books (let alone getting up onstage at their birthday party), having more than a few authors say “oh, yeah, we know your blog” when I’ve met them, etc etc etc.  And the fact that people send me books to review?  Well, that’s like a childhood dream come true.

So, most importantly: thank you.  Thanks to all of you – you readers, you authors, you web-people, you friends.  Five years feels like the blink of an eye and yet I can’t imagine my life without this blog.  Here’s to many years to come!
….and speak of years (or at least the year) to come, there are some fun things incoming for RB’s sixth year and for 2015.

  • I’m co-hosting a podcast called So Many Damn Books with the inimitable Christopher Hermelin.  The second episode comes out Monday!
  • After a few false starts, I’m actually welcoming a few new voices to the blog, reporting on literary events and perhaps a couple reviews or columns of their own.  Those lovely people are the brilliant Jake Braithwaite and the wonderful Dani Lencioni.  Keep your eyes peeled for the occasional post from them!
  • As part of our ongoing series The Ten Year Catch Up, I’m excited to announce that not only will 2015 be #Woolf2015 but I’m also kicking off #Vonnegut201x (pronounced “twenty-ex-teen”).  Billy Pilgrim is unstuck in time, so why not have Vonnegut unstuck too?
  • And of course, more reviews and recaps and all that jazz.

So thanks again for sticking around.  I’m excited to see how we look in another five years.

Yours in reading,

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