what’s this all about?

Who are you: A reader in New York City by the name of Drew Broussard.  I started this blog in late 2009 and expanded it after graduating from college in 2010.  Today, I can be found here or working on a novel of my own or at The Public Theater or with a band in the studio or on a stage or doing something creative somewhere.  When I’ve not got my head stuck in a book, that is.

Why it keeps going: I love books.  I’ve read thousands.  Reading is one of my absolute favorite activities and the English Language is probably the ‘most important thing’ to my life – because where would I be without it?  I write, I act, I speak, I sing… and I do all of it in the most expressive way possible, thanks to the English language.  Plus, my friends consistently ask me about what I’m reading, so this is a nice way to compile those thoughts for posterity.

What happens here: So I’ll read something… and then I’ll post about it.  The format of the blog has shifted over time, coming to include a rating system and a short idiosyncratic summary for each book.  What it will always be is my thoughts on how a book struck me in that particular moment of my life.  I’m happy to say that the blog has started to pick up a bit of a following here and there – anybody out there reading this, I encourage you to strike up some discussion over these books.  This isn’t a one way street and the only way books really survive in this digital age is if we keep talking about them.

CONTACT: Feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, concerns, ideas, discussions, etc – we’re on Twitter @ragingbibliohol and you can email us at ragingbiblioholism(at)gmail(dot)com

SUPPORT: You can support this blog by subscribing to Instaread, delivering key insights from new and best-selling books: http://summary.instaread.co/uogg/0MQvPs2TAB

A DISCLAIMER: Please note that for all reviews, the thoughts contained therein are mine honest beliefs regarding that particular work of literature.  Many of these books have been purchased in the traditional fashion, some have been given as gifts on holidays or for no reason at all, and a growing number provided by publishers or authors in exchange for a review.  I solemnly swear that no biases are present – if the book is good or bad, I will say so, no matter who gave it to me or why they did so.  That’s the risk publishers, friends, and booksellers run and I hope to provide here an outlet for honest criticism in a world where people are so often less-than-honest.



  1. Dear Bibliophile, What have you done to your blog/web-site?? You used to be able to search for authors /titles and read your reviews, but this facility seems to have gone, or am I being very dense? I discovered the wonderful Parasol Protectorate books by Gail Carriger via your blog, and am keen to see what else you’ve been rreading. Help!

    • Egad! Nice catch – I had no idea that the design overhaul ended up losing the search function!

      There should now be a search bar at the bottom of the homepage – and I’ll see about getting it up at the top, too!

  2. I just want to inform you that I nominated you for the VERY INSPIRING BLOGGER AWARD because your blog inspires others. Feel free to check it out at


  3. beachbooksblog

    Glad I Discovered your blog. I’m building Sea Library, 65 books so far during my first “sea year”. Collector, reader, book lover, hi5!

  4. Ellen Harrison

    Hi, Drew:
    During the ToB discussion, you asked those of us who were reading or going to read Ali Smith’s = Autumn = to let you know what we thought afterwards. In particular, I’d mentioned that I wasn’t always totally sold on Smith but I keep reading her because she’s reviewed so well, so I was approaching it with some hesitation, and you had expressed some of the same feelings.

    I finished it late on Friday night and I have to say that despite the absence of quotation marks, I really liked it — a lot. For an essentially plotless book, it really held my attention and told a clear and concise story. It’s not often that I would describe this kind of story — one that exists mostly in the protaganists’ heads, and with little action — as a page-turner, but a page-turner it was, while — to me, at least — transferring some real emotional heft to the reader. I really would recommend it. I’d also like to know what you think after you read it…

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