Drew Broussard – founder/contributor
Drew is a creative polymath living in New York City.  A voracious reader his whole life, he loves pretty much everything about books. He also writes, acts, directs, produces, designs, plays music with Future Dead Guys, co-hosts the So Many Damn Books podcast w/ Christopher Hermelin, and works at The Public Theater.






Dani Lencioni – recapper/contributor
Dani is a musician, writer, director, performer, and arts educator based in NYC. She likes: storytelling, folk music, forests, and of course, books. She teaches and directs for Artists Striving to End Poverty, has performed and written onstage, on screen, and online, and is the co-founder of PlotLine Revolution, a collaborative creative forum. She also contributes to Culturebot, an experimental performance publication. Originally from California, Dani is happy to call Brooklyn home. By day, she works at The Public

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