Curated BookLists


The recommendation engine here at Raging Biblioholism is changing – evolving, you might say.  Get excited for the absolute newest advance in book recommending:

The Curated BookList.

What’s a Curated BookList? A list of 4-7 books that we feel would be good additions to your to-read pile.

How do you come up with these 4-7 books? Based on a complex algorithm derived from a reader’s answers to several very scientific and high-brow questions and – we promise – no more than 2 coin flips per BookList.

Can you give us an example? Sure – check out CB-13-001 (subtitle: “A Bearable Lightness”) or CB-13-002 (subtitle: “Hip to be Hip”) for two of our early-adopter test lists.

That looks cool.  How can I get a Curated BookList? It’s easy! Just email us at with the subject line “Curated BookList” and include your answers to this highly scientific survey…

CBL Survey:
* your favorite color
* your location (in space, time, or however you’d like to imagine yourself situated at this moment)
* your top THREE (3) favorite genres
* your approximate reading speed (think books per X, not necessarily pages per session or anything like that)
* do you prefer short books, long books, average books, or do you not have a preference?
* what are you looking for? (you can interpret this question literally, literarilly, or existentially – or any combination thereof)
* and finally, please tell us, in order of most to least recent, the last 5 books you read.  No more, no less – just title and author, please, no other information.

Is this some ploy to get people to buy more books?  Buy more books? No (although you should support your local bookstores in any way that you can) – but it is a ploy to get people to read more books.  Know what I mean?

Totally.  Last question: why no space between Book and List?  Artistic license.  and I think it looks cool.

What Did YOU Think?

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